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Sinningia-alliance species and hybrids

Plants other than sinningia, paliavana, and vanhouttea

Personal names

Sinningia hirsuta Anther (see Flowers and their parts)

Bats (see Pollinators)

Bees (see Pollinators)

Butterflies (see Pollinators)

Calyx (see Flowers and their parts)

Carpels (see Fruit)



Corolla (see Flowers and their parts)

Flowers and their parts

Fruits and their parts Sinningia cooperi galea Galea Gesneriaceae Gesneriads Horticulture

Hummingbird (see Pollinators)

Hybridization and Hybrids (for named hybrids, see Sinningia hybrids)

Leaves Links to other sites Locules (see Fruit)

Moths (see Pollinators)

Occam's Razor (philosophical principle)

Other plants

Paliavana species Paliavana tenuiflora flowers

Pistil (see Flowers and their parts)

Placentas (see Fruit)

Pollinators Rechsteineria Resupination Seed Fund

Sinningia hybrids

Sinningia species

Stamen (see Flowers and their parts)

Stigma (see Flowers and their parts)

Tubers Vanhouttea species Vanhouttea brueggeri