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Gesneriad Society Convention 2010: Show Plants from Iain James

Crinkled Silk

These two pictures show hybrids from Iain James.  The first is Sinningia 'Peridots Crinkled Silk'.  The Sinningia bullata (sp. "Florianopolis") in this hybrid's background is very evident from the leaves.

The leaves were much darker than indicated by this picture.

Bubbling butter

Do you like this one?  I have to admit I don't find the leaves to my taste, but just getting them is a substantial accomplishment.  I don't know of any other sinningias with similar leaf markings or patterning.  Since this plant is likely to be fertile, it should provide plenty of opportunity for further experimentation.

It also gives more proof of the promise of S. bullata as a hybridizing parent.

Iain James had named this one S. 'Peridots Bubbling Butter'.