Annual Three Links Camp Festival Dates Back to 1959


The date set for the next Three Links Camp Festival is Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24, 2018 and plans are already being made for the enjoyment of those attending.

MI WUK VILLAGE - Shortly after the establishment of the Three Links Camp, the first festival was held at Odd Fellows Sierra Park. The following year it was relocated at the Three Links Camp and has been held there every year since to raise funds for the operation of the camp.

Several hundred Odd Fellows, Rebekahs, families and friends participate in the many activities planned for this weekend in the High Sierra. Festival attendees travel from all sections of California to support the camp. Various game booths, along with hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks and other food items are sold during the day.A Saturday evening dinner is also served, and on Sunday morning the grand master and Rebekah Assembly president cook and serve a pancake breakfast. Concluding the activities on Sunday is a nondenominational church service in the chapel by the current G.L. and R.A. chaplains.

The festival was reorganized in 1972 under the guidance of Max Link Jr., and it featured a "Western Round-Up" theme for the enjoyment of the more than 1,500 persons in attendance that year. George Hannaford and Vivian Kara were designated as cochairmen of the event. A talented group of young people, called "The Westerners" and later called "The Traveleers", entertained with Saturday and Sunday shows during both 1972 and 1973 festivals. Their song and dance program delighted the crowd, and it is interesting to note that some members of the group later became members of the Order.